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Thomas Wimberly

Thomas Wimberly III is an artist and designer based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After earning his B.A. in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University he has been acting as an art director and designer, both for local agencies, and for himself as a freelancer.

In 2015, Thomas and his close friend Chase Mullen opened “Unit 7”, their shared studio-space that occasionally doubles as a pop up gallery. Since then, he’s spent his time returning to the fine art world, first exploring the styles of his inspirations, before beginning to develop his own style in late 2017.

In November 2017, Thomas, along with a few other emerging artists, was selected out of a group of 300+ to show at Shepard Fairey’s gallery, “Subliminal Projects” for “PEACE” an exhibit showcasing never before seen photos by Jim Marshall. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to developing his craft and having it speak for itself.

Thomas currently lives in Baton Rouge, with his wife Brooke, and their bulldog, Macintosh.