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The pressing crisis in democracy is not new.

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Realizing Democracy: Policymaking as Powerbuilding

In our second, inspiring, collaborative discussion, “Realizing Democracy: Policymaking as Powerbuilding,” we focus on the lessons in inclusive democracy learned by a broad group of policymaking experts and movement leaders and offer actionable policy and institutional design strategies geared toward re-balancing community authority in governance. K. Sabeel Rahman, president of Dēmos; Hollie Russon Gilman, fellow in the Political Reform Program of the New America & Columbia World Projects; and Joelle Gamble, principal for Reimagining Capitalism at the Omidyar Network, discuss tying policies to programmatic decision making and stakeholder participation; democratizing and expanding community control of public goods; and creating more responsive, accountable governments.

SSIR is proud to join the Ford Foundation in presenting “Realizing Democracy: Policymaking as Powerbuilding” as part of The Realizing Democracy Project. SSIR also partnered with the Ford Foundation to produce the 24-page Realizing Democracy supplement that appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of our magazine.