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Lisa García Bedolla

A headshot of Lisa García Bedolla

Lisa García Bedolla is vice provost for Graduate Studies and dean of the Graduate Division at the University of California, Berkeley. She uses the tools of social science to reveal the causes of educational and political inequalities in the United States, considering differences across the lines of ethnorace, gender, class, and geography. She is the author of four books and dozens of research articles, and the recipient of five national book awards. She has consulted for presidential campaigns and statewide ballot efforts and has partnered with over a dozen community organizations working to empower low-income communities of color. Through those partnerships, she has developed a set of best practices for engaging and mobilizing voters in these communities, becoming one of the nation’s foremost experts on political engagement within communities of color. García Bedolla earned a PhD in political science from Yale University and a BA in Latin American studies and comparative literature from UC Berkeley.

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