Kickoff Event

On Thursday, September 12, at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, Community Change, the Center on Democracy and Organizing, Demos, the Open Society Foundations, and the Ford Foundation launched a new learning series called Realizing Democracy as a part of a kickoff event.

Watch highlights from the kickoff event here: 

The event featured panels and discussions focused on the limits of our current democracy, and looked to the future to see what we can do to decentralize power and make our political system more inclusive and equitable for everyone.

The speakers, moderators, performers, and presenters at the kickoff event included Lisa García-BedollaDenice FrohmanMaria Torres-SpringerTom Perriello, Emma Oppenheim, Ethan FreySabeel RahmanHahrie HanChuck MingoDaMareo CooperArisha HatchGrace KimCleo BarnettFelicia WongAnat AdmatiChris HughesAlison HirshErica SmileyLauren JacobsDorian WarrenAlex Hertel-FernandezJamila MichenerLorella PraeliHelen GymAziz RanaElizabeth HintonMegan Ming Francis, and Astra Taylor.

To download a copy of the event's agenda, click here.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated!

Watch Panel Videos From the Event

Watch our Panel Videos for an in-depth look at the discussions and presentations that were held live on September 12, 2019. 

Closing Panel

Dangerous levels of concentrated political and economic power underlie multiple and compounding crises—of democratic legitimacy, wealth inequality, the carceral state, racialized and gendered injustice, and a fast-warming climate. What can we learn from the intended and unintended consequences of previous expansions in the economic and political aspects of American democracy? How should we understand the limits of democratic control and frontiers of democratic expansion today? How might we remake civil society, government, and the economy if we aspire to realize a vision of democracy and justice for all, including for those never fully included in either the economic or political aspects of an already fragile democracy?

Photos From The Day

The outside of the kickoff event
Event attendees holding up the promotional art
A presentation at the kickoff event
A group presentation at the kickoff event.
Presenters at the kickoff event
A different group panel at the kickoff event
Another group panel at the kickoff event
A crowd at the kickoff event with art in the background