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Chuck Mingo

A headshot of Chuck Mingo

Chuck Mingo is campus pastor for the Oakley location of Crossroads Church where 12,000 people worship together every weekend. A native of Philadelphia, he now calls Cincinnati home and even roots for the Bengals on occasion. Prior to working at Crossroads, he spent nine years in sales at Procter & Gamble. He is passionate about his relationship with Jesus, his family, running, and most importantly about being part of what God is doing to transform Cincinnati through the “big C” church. A few years ago, during a spike of racial tension in America, he heard a calling to unite Cincinnati and beyond. The UNDIVIDED experience—“a spiritual journey, bringing people together for meaningful conversation and experiences that can lead to growth and heal the racial divide”—was born, and since then has been applied across the nation, internationally, and in prison ministries.

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