The Pressing Crisis in Democracy is Not New

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Democracy means people power. It means making decisions with all people at the table. The center of democracy is human dignity.

A Path Forward

The democracy that emerges now must be one that redresses the immediate pressures of the current moment, but also one that addresses deeper chronic forms of systemic exclusion.

Civil Society

Does social change work build durable grassroots power and voice that outlasts any one election or campaign?


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A Path Forward

Does our approach to policymaking reinforce the disempowerment of the public and the inequalities of our socioeconomic order?


Long-term, structural renewal to our democracy requires looking to how institutions must be remade in radically inclusive, participatory, and power-shifting ways.


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A Path Forward

To reclaim democracy, we have to contend with questions about power.


A democracy marked by deep inequities of wealth and economic power—operating simultaneously along class and racial and gender lines—is one in which political democracy is fundamentally limited and unstable.


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We released an 11-article sponsored supplement to the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s Winter 2020 volume. The supplement was developed with our partners at Community Change, the Center on Democracy and Organizing, Demos, and the Open Society Foundations as part of the year-long Realizing Democracy series. 

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We have to always be hopeful and optimistic. We have to fight smarter with an urgency and a strategic imagination that matches the scale of the problem. –Dorian T. Warren